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Michael Jarrell: A proposito di <em>Rhizomes</em> (<em>Assonance VII b</em>, 1991-1993)

Published July 19, 2011
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Michel, P. (2011). Michael Jarrell: A proposito di <em>Rhizomes</em> (<em>Assonance VII b</em&gt;, 1991-1993). Musica/Tecnologia, 5, 13-24. https://doi.org/10.13128/Music_Tec-9652


Through the description of the creative path that led to the production of Rhizomes, the swiss composer highlights different aspects of his own musical creativity. The interview focuses on several aspects of the relationship with the technology and how it has influenced the compositional work and the type of support offered, both on a practical level, both on the conceptual one.


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