Vol. 9 No. 2 (2020)

Planet-forming gas seen with new eyes

Antonio Garufi
INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri

Published 2020-09-24


  • Planet formation,
  • protoplanetary disks,
  • astrochemistry

How to Cite

Garufi, A. (2020). Planet-forming gas seen with new eyes. Il Colle Di Galileo, 9(2), 43–47. https://doi.org/10.36253/cdg-12064


Planets form around newly born stars in protoplanetary disks. These disks are made up of gas and dust and their chemical composition will affect that of planetary atmospheres. Therefore, study of the gas in protoplanetary disks is fundamental toward an understanding of the conditions under which a habitable planet can form. This is a primary aim of the ALMA-DOT survey carried out by the researchers of the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory.


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