Vol. 13 (2023): A Global Ireland: New Audiences and New Alliances
Sezione monografica / Monographic Section

The Irish in Bolivia: An (almost) Unknown History

Maria Eugenia Cruset
National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)-National University of Quilmes-Catholic University of La Plata

Published 2023-07-31


  • Bolivia,
  • Diplomacy,
  • Ireland,
  • Nationalism,
  • Politics

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Cruset, M. E. (2023). The Irish in Bolivia: An (almost) Unknown History. Studi Irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies, 13. https://doi.org/10.36253/SIJIS-2239-3978-14619


Irish immigration to Bolivia has been largely ignored by academia. However, although few in number, it has exerted its influence both in the country itself and in the cause of Irish nationalism. Whether they arrived with General Bolívar’s liberating troops or collaborated in the development of the nation through their work in mining, commercial or railway companies, their contribution was significant. They were also important in the fields of culture, the press and domestic politics. Despite the political instability of the Andean country and the obstruction of the British Empire, they have left a mark that I intend to show in this article.


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