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Salvation in rhythm? Crisis and limitation in Henry Maldiney

Carmelo Colangelo

Aisthesis. DOI: 10.13128/Aisthesis-12607


Studies of Henry Maldiney's work have rarely dwelt on the incidence and semantic value of the concept of limit in his thought. This paper reconstructs the relationships that link some pivotal notions of Maldiney's thought, such as "real", "crisis", "form in formation" (Gestaltung), to his anti-objectivist critique and to his general approach to the theme of the opposition between finite and indefinite, limit and unlimited. The analysis of the concept of rhythm in Maldiney's aesthetic theory shows the presence of a relevant reformulation of the ways in which the question of limit has been posed in classical and modern philosophical tradition.

Accepted on 2021, 10 March

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