Vol. 14 No. 2 (2021): Finalism in judgment, finalism of judging

Salvation in the rhythm? Crisis and limitation in Henry Maldiney

Carmelo Colangelo
Università di Salerno

Published 2022-01-25


  • Rhythm,
  • Aesthetics,
  • Limitation,
  • Landscape,
  • Space

How to Cite

Colangelo, C. (2022). Salvation in the rhythm? Crisis and limitation in Henry Maldiney. Aisthesis. Pratiche, Linguaggi E Saperi dell’estetico, 14(2), 169–179. https://doi.org/10.36253/Aisthesis-12677


In the frame of an in-depth analysis on the fundamental motifs and main intentions of the works of Henry Maldiney, the essay focuses on the relationship between the dimensions of «limitation» and «unlimited» – the latter understood as the emergence of the «unlimited» within the very heart of a «limited» living body –, crucial for understanding Maldiney’s anti-objectivist attitude and his conception of reality as a surprise. More specifically, the author brings to the fore the concepts of «crisis», «rhythm» and «form», also with regard to the aesthetic-artistic experience, and how the rhythmic nature of a living form can ensure an approach to reality which does not overlook its nature of surprise.


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