Scienze del Territorio-Call for Papers 7/2019


Number VII, 2019

[deadline has been extended: November 30th, 2018]

"Heritage communities for fragile territories”

Since long the whole Italian mountainous and hilly system has been suffering a dangerous process of abandonment, with serious consequences in terms of environmental security, territorial presidium and socio‐cultural vitality. During the last decade these negative effects have been tragically exacerbated by a series of frequent and devastating seismic events, which affected great part of the central Apennine, from Marche to Molise, sadly replicating the strong earthquakes that in the last century periodically hit the Italian “highlands”.

The strenuous resistance of some inhabitants to the abandonment of the places of their everyday life is not sufficient to significantly reduce the demographic decline and the consequent socio‐cultural and economic impoverishment of many “internal” areas. To invert this trend and reverse the consolidated paradigm of “small centres on the brink of extinction”, it is therefore needed to sustain local communities in developing diffuse forms of renewed self‐organisation of and of self‐governance of territorial heritages, outlining through action‐research processes new visions and narration for the “bone of Italy”, so far scarcely investigated. The transition from “territories of resistance to heritage communities” constituted the focus of the V annual convention of the Società dei Territorialisti/e (, held in Matelica (MC, IT) on 12‐14 October 2017.1

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