Scienze del Territorio-Call for Papers 4/2016


Number IV, 2016

[deadline: NOVEMBER 30th, 2014]

"Reinhabiting the mountains"

The comeback to the mountains is different compared to migrations in the past, especially if compared to the expansion of the alpine perimeter due to the inhabitants of the lower valleys commuting to the urbanised foreland centres. This research shows more awareness within the people, their choices are often based on an innovative life project, that takes into consideration the various opportunities offered by mountain areas as opposed to the urbanised foreland. It is a new way of conceiving the mountain environment as a place to settle down permanently, for working or simply as a temporary stay for recreational reasons. During resettlement programmes, the new inhabitants favour the creation of new settlement forms, which, just like in a complex musical score, the contraction and dilation of spaces used, the alternation of empty and full spaces, followed by long pauses, fugues and refrains, adagios and veloces. Desert places opposed to areas with a high population density create the rhythm and the structure of the composition. In this score, silent spaces can finally be enhanced and appreciated. Who are these people coming to live in the mountain? And, moreover, are the results of the studies and practices analysed sufficient to call for a comeback to the mountains?

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