Vol. 1 No. 2 (2016)

Il lavoro atipico e la dimensione soggettiva: il ruolo della formazione permanente

Published December 29, 2016
  • atypical jobs,
  • lifelong learning,
  • job stress,
  • work psychology
How to Cite
Mancaniello, M. R. (2016). Il lavoro atipico e la dimensione soggettiva: il ruolo della formazione permanente. Comparative Cultural Studies - European and Latin American Perspectives, 1(2), 89-102. https://doi.org/10.13128/ccselap-20000


The widespread presence of atypical forms of work in our society is not only due to a change of the possible types of work, but is also emptying the same work of its social function. There are more at risk psychological variables. The instability of the work connected to a personal perception of losing their jobs; the problems that arise on the construction of professional identity of persons; on the interactions between the subject and its organization of work and the satisfaction and quality of life. Especially the private life. In this essay I will put my attention on the meaning that this working model involves a psychological level. The goal is to promote a learning process which can give the subject of resilience potential and creative resources to respond to the suffering that these types of work involved. For the education and training that attention is becoming increasingly urgent. Until now the goal was perhaps more to build knowledge and basic skills and specific, without taking into serious consideration the specific aspect of identity of the worker and his personal stability.Today it is necessary to pay attention to all the human sciences - and pedagogy before any other - on the problems that the atypical work and job instability fee for the subject and for all the people who share his sphere of life.


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