Vol. 7 No. 14 (2022): Miradas decoloniales a los estudios socio-antropológicos en Cuba, América Latina y el Caribe

Afrocubanismo: algo más que una opción

Published March 15, 2022
  • discourse,
  • decoloniality,
  • negrism,
  • afro-cubanism,
  • nationality,
  • micegenation
  • ...More
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Torres Zayas, R. (2022). Afrocubanismo: algo más que una opción. Comparative Cultural Studies - Journal of Communication and Transdisciplinary Perspectives, 7(14), 61-69. https://doi.org/10.36253/ccselap-13464


Cuba began XX century with a new decolonial discourse with a representative president, constitution and flag. However sociallly, economically, and politically, the greater Anitlles became one more appendage of Unietd Steates. It is not by chance, then, that renewed interpretations of national expresions germinated, which forms that could be erected the most as emblems of cubaness. Were those standede between what came from Europe and black continent. This is influenced by the presisten culture of resistance and the essence of popular religiosity, whose strategies made it posible to preserve the tradition, even without legalized institution, theorical bodies or established official discourses to simúlate its positioning Afro-Cubanism is here to history and it redefines what decolonial expresión in a renewed dimensión like art or combat discourse.


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