Vol. 7 No. 14 (2022): Miradas decoloniales a los estudios socio-antropológicos en Cuba, América Latina y el Caribe

Capitalismo, ciencias sociales y colonialidad

Published March 15, 2022
  • exploitation,
  • original accumulation,
  • slavery,
  • racism,
  • decolonization
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Sanchez-Antonio, J. C. (2022). Capitalismo, ciencias sociales y colonialidad. Comparative Cultural Studies - Journal of Communication and Transdisciplinary Perspectives, 7(14), 7-29. https://doi.org/10.36253/ccselap-13461


I pretend to analyze the relationships between capitalism, coloniality and social sciences from the Latinamerican decolonial perspective. From the outset I defend the thesis that the brutal use of blacks and blacks, Indians and Indians, in the extraction of an invaluable amount of gold and silver in America, served as a historical condition for the globalization of capital and the industrialization of Europe, creating historical colonial conditions on which the social sciences will build their scientific discourse against the light. I briefly examine the way in which the Euro-Northamerican social sciences have served as a colonial knowledge-power device for the sub-alternation of non-scientific knowledge. In the end, I pondered the importance of overcoming modernity-postmodernity as the foundation of capital from a transmodern horizon that goes beyond capitalism.


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