Comparative Cultural Studies - Presentación

El día 10 de febrero a las 13 h en la sala de prensa del rectorado de la Universidad Pablo de Olvide, se presentó el número 7 de la revista Comparative studies.... Monográfico dedicado al proyecto europeo Gendercit  que coordinó la citada Universidad. El acto fue presidido por el vicerrector de investigación y transferencia de investigación, D. Bruno Martínez Haya. Le acompañaban en la mesa Doña Giovanna Campani, directora de la revista y Doña M. Carmen Monreal Gimeno, coordinadora del proyecto Gendercit. Asistieron al acto, Doña Elodia Hernández, vicerrectora de Cultura y Compromiso social, Dña Rocío Cárdenas, directora de la oficina de Igualdad, Dña Teresa Terrón , vicedecana de la Facultad de Ciencias sociales e investigadoras e investigadores de diversas universidades asistentes a un workshop sobre migraciones femeninas internacionales.


Call for Papers - An Unequal World Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic


The first victim of the war is the truth (Aeschylus)

The coronavirus crisis is a huge challenge for humankind. The media say that economic globalization will be wiped out by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus ... borders closed, states imposingspecial measures on populations, limiting freedom of movement and privacy ... Those same media who conceived of a pandemic in a "global village" ... If  capitalism will die, will networks survive and become stronger?  Will telework be the norm? Will a better and more supportive world be born, as foreshadowed by some commentators? Or does an Orwellian universe await us, under the control of Big Brother, prefigured by the "lock-downs to which so many populations are subjected even in democratic countries (Harari, 2020)?

What appears evident is that the coronavirus emergency or the "state of exception" (Agamben, 2020) is clearly highlighting the inadequacy of the decision-making apparatus (national and international) and the latent injustices of "global" society.