Call for Papers for 17/2023

Issue 17 | 2023:

"Theories, political praxis and poetics of decolonial and feminist projects from Abya Yala and the Global South" |  n. 17/2023

Coordinated by: Castriela Hernández-Reyes, María Candelaria May Novelo, Davide Riccardi, José Manuel Romero Tenorio

Submissions Deadline: March 31, 2023

Download the PDF of the Call (CASTELLANO) or visit the Call Website

Call for Papers for 16/2023

Issue 16 | 2023:

"Italian Mafias and Media in Latin America" |  n. 16/2023

Coordinated by: María Soledad Balsas  (CONICET-UNLaM, Argentina) and Marcello Ravveduto (Università di Salerno, Italia)

Submissions Deadline: September 30, 2022

Download the PDF of the Call (ITA | ENG | CASTELLANO) or visit the Call Website


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"Comparative Cultural Studies-European and Latin American Perspectives" is an international peer-reviewed journal for research and interpretation concerning issues of cultural diversity, migrations, gender, ethnicity and social class in European and Latin American societies. The journal publishes articles from around the world, providing a distinctive link between scholars living and working in Europe and Latin America, reinforced by the double coordination assured by the University of Florence, Italy, and the University of Coahuila, Mexico. The interdisciplinary dimension includes cultural and social anthropology, history, European and Latin American literature, sociology, psycho-pedagogical studies, economic and political sciences, communication, geography and international relations. The Journal is a biannual electronic publication of free access.
Giovanna Campani, Università di Firenze, Italy
Francesco Gervasi, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Mexico

Current IssueVol 7, No 15 (2022): Italian Mafias and Media in Latin America

Published March 3, 2023


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