Vol. 6 No. 2 (2013): Aesthetics and Evolutionism: Requirements, Perspectives, Issues

Aesthetics and Evolution

Published December 29, 2013
  • evolutionary aesthetics,
  • origin of art,
  • pleasure,
  • cooperative behaviour
How to Cite
Aiken, N. (2013). Aesthetics and Evolution. Aisthesis. Pratiche, Linguaggi E Saperi dell’estetico, 6(2), 61-73. https://doi.org/10.13128/Aisthesis-13769


Starting from the assumption that art, being a pervasive human behaviour across time and  space, must have an evolutionary adaptive purpose, the Author claims in this paper that  art making has evolved as a behaviour that serves to bind individuals together into cooperative groups. In more detail, the Author demonstrates here the adaptive value of  art behaviour by showing how art can evoke fear and how it can evoke pleasure.


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