Vol. 13 No. 2 (2020): Reading Philosophy Through Archives and Manuscripts

Developing Digital Technology at the Husserl Archives. A Report

Emanuele Caminada
curator of digitalHusserl KU Leuven, Husserl-Archives (Belgium)
Published December 18, 2020
  • Archives,
  • Digital Edition,
  • Phenomenology,
  • Husserl
How to Cite
Caminada, E. (2020). Developing Digital Technology at the Husserl Archives. A Report. Aisthesis. Pratiche, Linguaggi E Saperi dell’estetico, 13(2), 79-86. https://doi.org/10.13128/Aisthesis-12161


After a brief introduction to the history of the Husserl Archives I focus on the methodological specificities in studying Husserl’s work on the basis of his manuscripts and of his archives. In a second step I expound on the effects that the current shift from an analogous to a hybrid analogous and digital archives is producing in the self-understanding of the practices of our institution. Particularly, developing digital technology means that the Husserl Archives are entering a new phase in respect to how archival and editorial impulses will affect the presentation of Husserl’s writings. Finally, I offer some perspectives about how the planned virtual platform («digitalHusserl»), which will give direct access to his manuscripts, is designed to promote a new understanding of Husserl’s specific process of philosophical writing, of his unique wording of thoughts.


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